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November Update

 - We are rebooting RF SAFE this November

  - Stay tune with our RF SAGE FB Group for the annoucement

  - We will launched with Christmas theme and quest,  map....


New Player Guide in RF SAGE

 Step 1-Base Item all Free Armour/Weapons/Elems can be found in  Event Reward Section ( in GCP Account)

 Step 2-Gather Vote points via voting in GCP vote sites (in GCP Account Section)

 Step 3-Gather Vote Poins via Donation Points gathered from Elan PB, Chip Drops, ore combine and exchange for VP by posting in GB Group request conversion of DP in bag for Vote Points

    * FB Group link is available in Upper Right Social Media Section

Step 4-Buy Rare D items in Item shop using VP accumulated

Step 5-Combine Rare D items to next level Dragon Armour Items



RARE D Recipe

- Type C Item Qty 1

- Red Essensen Qty = 65

- Blue Essence Qty = 88

-Sage Chip Gen X Qty = 71

- RF-Sage Essense Qty = 98


Dragon Armour Recipe



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Stackable Charm Patch - extract to rf sage folder



CBT Launched....
PM me your prefered GM login and password for Close Beta Testing.


FB Group:

FB Page:



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